The Sweetest Oblivion

He took his time licking me, like he was doing it for himself and not Me.

Mafia? Taboo Attraction? Arrange Marriage? Possessive Alpha? This one book literally has all you could need in a romance novel.

Make no mistake this book is not for the weak. Its got an alpha-asshole, whose name is Nicolas Russo. The level of steam in this book, is liable to melt your panties right off.

The tension between Nico and Elena is palpable right from the first page, but seeing as Nico is her soon to be brother-in-law, he cannot just action on his attraction to Elena. Instead he settles on bossing her around, being incredibly rude, and a total hypocrite.

Admittedly, crazy-possessive, killers are only attractive in the form of fiction, however, Nico made me wish he was real. And that I was Elena Abelli. There’s just something quite delicious about all that power.

I believe the author has done a really good job not only developing the plot, she’s truly taken the time to explore the taboo aspect and develop the mystery of Elena’s past. But she’s created incredible sexual tension between the main characters, which is not an easy task at all. While I would not necessary categorize this as slow-burn, its also not an insta-love affair. For sure there’s a lot of dislike happening between the two. While reading this my steam-o-meter was off the charts on this one and I just wanted them to bang already.

I am definitely hooked on Danielle Lori, and I most definitely will be reading her other works.

Next stop The Maddest Obsession, because I am obsessed with Ms. Lori’s work 😉

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Brighton By Carmel Rhodes

Age-gap romances Yay or Nay? Maybe its the fact that for the hero things didn’t work out the first time and wants to try his hardest to make it work, or some cases the fact that young men these days don’t know how to treat a lady properly, I honestly don’t know the reason, but age-gap romances are a huge “Yay” for me.

The Brighton series includes two standalone sexy AF books Cherry Bomb and Midnight Kiss, all about age-gap. Even though both are about older men and younger women, both set in the same place, and about friends, they are two very different books.

Cherry is a beautiful, outgoing young women, who is trying to put her self destructive ways behind her, whereas Emma is a very reserved and shy girl. The girls’ friendship itself is very interesting to watch since they don’t really have much in common, when it comes to personalities or their backgrounds.

Somehow they both end up in relationships with men much older then themselves, but there is something to be said about older men who want to be better for their women, using their past relationship experiences in order to make their new relationship a happily-ever-after one.

While these books are about the romances between the main characters of each book, I think the best part about a series if watching the interactions between all the characters. Not just the hero and heroin, but all the heros and heroins in the series. I absolutely love the fact that the author has introduced all the characters in the first book, even Emma and Logan who are the main characters of the second book in the series. Doing this allows the reader to already become invested in the story of the secondary characters. As we watch the interaction between Emma and Logan in the first book, the readers start to anticipate the second book, so they can see how the secondary character’s story will go.

Recently the author has announced a third book in the series, even though we don’t have full date yet, I am so excited to read it. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, you should right away so that we can read the third book together as soon as its published.

And if you’ve read Cherry Bomb or Midnight Kiss already, comment below and tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like about the book(s).

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Spotlight: The Fine Print

If I had a heart to give, it would be all yours. Free of cost.

Rowan: I’m in the business of creating fairy tales.
Theme parks. Production companies. Five-star hotels.
Everything could be all mine if I renovated Dreamland.

My initial idea of hiring Zahra was good in theory, but then I kissed her.
Things spiraled out of control once I texted her using an alias.
By the time I realized where I went wrong, it was too late.
People like me don’t get happy endings.

Not when we’re destined to ruin them.

Zahra: After submitting a drunk proposal criticizing Dreamland’s most expensive ride, I should have been fired.
Instead, Rowan Kane offered me a dream job.
The catch? I had to work for the most difficult boss I’d ever met.
Rowan was rude and completely off-limits, but my heart didn’t care.
At least not until I discovered his secret.
It was time to teach the billionaire that money couldn’t fix everything.
Especially not us.

The Fine Print by Lauren Asher is releasing July 8, 2021

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For Lucy By Jewel E. Ann

“It only takes one good reason to keep going. To live. To feel necessary. Lucy is my one.

Trigger warning! Cheating, Death, Loss , and Grief.

This is only my second book by Jewel E Ann and it is as amazing as the first book I ever read from her.

For Lucy is an equal part heartbreaking and equal part heartwarming, powerful story.

This is a really strong and well written second chance story. The story is well written and the pace is easy to follow. I also feel that anyone reading this book is able to feel every single emotion the author is trying to convey.

I will admit this book took me a lot longer to get through then most of my usual reads, but that’s only because I kept on stopping to cry.

As I’ve never been married or divorced, I can’t say that I understand what people who have been divorced go through and most of the times when reading a second-chance romance book, its very easy to be able to think to myself “I would never do that”.

However to me the way this book was written, I actually understood how Emmett and Tatum felt. That’s not to say I agreed with it, but I could understand the reasoning behind most of the events taking place in the book. As an objective person, we may never understand why someone in love makes the decisions that they do, but Love is Love and it is flawed just as human beings are.

In the end I was so glad to have finished the book, because even with all the angst I truly did love this love story.

I want to thank Valentine PR and author Jewel E. Ann for, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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Sweet Collateral by L.P. Lovell

“She’s a favor. A pretty slave. Sweet collateral.

Before I can begin telling you all the reasons why I loved this book, I just want to let you know the trigger warnings associated with this book, such as rape and sexual slavery. This is a dark romance and not everyone’s cup of tea so be very careful if you do decide to read this book.

This is was my first every book by L.P. Lovell and I had no idea what I was getting myself into, it is intense, tragic and so beautiful. This story is about Anna, who has been a sexual salve since she was thirteen. The story starts when Rafael D’Cruze, leader of the Juarez Cartel, is asked to keep Anna, the collateral, safe for Nero Verdi, the Italian mob boss.

After being freed from slavery, Anna is still adjusting to no longer being a whore, no longer having to service men. But after years of captivity, she doesn’t know who else to be if not the whore. Yet with Rafael’s help she blossoms. Even though in the beginning Rafael wanted nothing to do with baby sitting the collateral, once he lays eyes on Anna, he’s determined to make her realize that she is finally free.

I know you’re not supposed to fall in love with a bad man, but the way Rafael is with Anna, it just melts your heart. Rafael is not a good man in any sense of the word, but the way he protects and cherishes Anna makes you fall in love with him. Anna’s struggle to become a new, free person is beautiful yet heartbreaking to witness, and finally we get to see her become a strong, resilient, and empowered woman.

This book does feature Anna’s sister Una (from the Kiss of Death Trilogy), so you might want to read that story first. However even though I had not read Kiss of Death Trilogy, I feel this book can be read as stand alone and I did not feel as if I was missing out on some important information.

Note: SWEET COLLATERAL was originally released as a three book Collateral Trilogy (Hate Me, Hold Me, Have Me) and now you can get all three books for the price of one

I want to thank CandiKanePR and author L.P. Lovell for, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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Like A Boss by Anne Harper

“Since the day I met you, I can say with absolute confidence that you, Antonella Bennett, are nothing like I was expecting

There are so many people out there today who want to become viral. But what if you became viral for all the wrong reasons? Being known as the crazy lady who had an epic meltdown on Valentines Days? Not the way most people want to their claim to fame, but that’s exactly what happens to Antonella “Nell” Bennett.

I really enjoyed reading the second book in the Accidentally Viral series by Anne Harper, even though this was my ever book by this author. I love reading about small town romances cause everybody is in everybody’s business. I’m sure I won’t like having others in my business but it makes for amazing drama.

Nell is a one of a kind of women. The way she talks and acts is honestly insane – absolutely no impulse control. Quinn Hannigan on the other hand is a very serious grump, starting over in a new town to give his son a more stable life after the break down of his marriage. His attraction to Nell is unsettling not only because she’s almost a decade younger than him, but also the boss abhors workplace romance.

I really enjoyed the shenanigans the characters get in to, the shock Quinn gets every time Nell talks him in to doing something totally out of the ordinary and crazy. Nell is unpredictable and its exactly what Quinn needs, its the balance of yin and yang.

The only thing I did not enjoy was the long drawn out sentences. In fact Nell’s sentences often start at one point and end at a totally different you-didn’t-think-they’d-be-related kind of point. However after reading a couple of chapters I realized that this is done on purpose by the author, its supposed to be a charming character point about Nell. However it did make the book a bit more difficult to follow for me. Still it was a good and enjoy reading experience.

Also bonus for those of you wondering this book is a clean-ish romance.

I want to Thank Grey’s Promotions and author Anne Harper, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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Bad Crush By Rebecca Jenshak

“My crush is out of control. I’ve built him up so much over the years; no one can compare

The second book in the Campus Nights series follows the story of Reagan and Adam. Reagan has been in love with her best friend’s brother and neighbor since the day she met him. She is crazy about him the only problem is he’s a serial dater.

When the opportunity arises to go on a date with Adam, Reagan grabs with it both hands offering to be his date for the night, and somehow accidentally declares herself his fiance to his whole faculty.

The story truly develops from there as Reagan and Adam embark on the relationship journey of a lifetime. They’ve both got their hangups but they are willing to make things work.

What I loved most about this story is that unlike similar fake fiance romances, Rebeca Jenshak doesn’t drag the plot.Yes Reagan and Adam start off as fake fiances but true feelings are quickly revealed within 30% of the start of the book. For me it can be very frustrating to read a book, the whole time thinking “just tell him how much you love him already” so I was glad that the author didn’t waste time dragging it out.

The side characters are also just super amazing! Funny and ridiculous, making the book a fun experience for the reader.

As this was my first book by Rebeca Jenshak ever, I will definitely be going back to read the 1st book in the Campus Night series.

Have you read this book or any others by this author? If you have, let me know what you thought and which book should I try next.

I want to Thank Grey’s Promotions and author Rebeca Jenshak, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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A Substitute Wife for the Prizefighter By Alice Coldbreath

“Tell me you wanted me all along

A Victorian romance that’s not centered around a Duke or an Earl. You may not believe it but in all the years since I’ve been reading romance novels, I had not read a single historical romance novel that wasn’t centered around a couple from the higher part of the society.

I have a lot Dukes, Earls and Heiresses in repertoire. But I’ve never read a historical romance where at least one of the charters wasn’t rich or from high society. So I was very surprised when I stumbled upon this book about prizefighters also known as professional boxers.

I have to say I was very surprised to read about a prize fighter sitting in polite company.

In addition to the excitement of reading a new sub-genre, I was also intrigued with the story line right from the start. Author Alice Coldbreath captures your attention by creating mutual animosity between the main characters right from the start.

There are a lot of reasons why I feel in love with Benedict Toomes, the prizefighter, but one major reason is that he is an excellent communicator. Seriously the man does not let things lie, does not simply believe in the word “fine”. He is always initiating conversation, making sure that he and his wife are both on the same page and that there are no misunderstandings.

After having read so many books where the hero and heroin get separated and go through so much strife due a lack of communication, Benedict Toomes was a balm to my soul.

The story truly is about Benedict and Lizzy and although there are some amazing and hilarious supporting characters, Coldbreath has written the story in such an amazing way that the supporting characters don’t overshadow the main characters. The supporting characters support the hero, heroine and help the plot progress but Benedict and Lizzy are always at the forefront of the readers’ mind.

I honestly fell in love with Benedict and Lizzy, and I think I have a new favorite book boyfriend.

Have you read this book or any others by this author? If you have, let me know what you thought and which book should I try next.

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Spotlight: Regency Matchmaker

“she always makes her match.

Happy Pub Day to author Celeste Jones on the release of her complete collection of Regency Matchmaker.

Its available right now on Kindle Unlimited!

Lady Ambrosia Anaconda Algonquin, matchmaker to London’s most discerning citizens. Part fairy godmother, part sorting hat, her methods might be unusual, but she always makes her match.

In this collection of four stand alone novels, Lady Ambrosia’s matchmaking skills are put to the test.

His Tempestuous Bride features a heroine who wants to get away from an unhappy home and a hero looking for an heir. What happens when this marriage of convenience becomes a love match?

His Mischievous Bride tells a tale of second chance love. Many years have passed since a misunderstanding separated William and Calliope, but they are determined to make up for lost time.

Lessons For His Bride is the story of Seraphina Moon, a girl who didn’t have the best start in life, but once she’s matched with Dr. Lucas Spencer, the future looks very bright. Except for that one little secret from her past.

His Bargained For Bride A widow who has sworn off men. A lord who’s finished with women. So why can’t they keep their hands off each other?

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Spotlight: My Sinful Valentine

“I made her voice hoarse and body sensitive to my touch, and yet, she challenges me. Bad girl.

I know Valentine’s Day is already long gone, but I do love reading about love. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, there’s always time for romance.

If you haven’t read the Beautiful Sinner series by author Elena M. Reyes yet, I definitely recommend you check the series out. Especially since this novella is all about the couple featured in each of the books.

If you have read the books in the series, you’ll enjoy reading this novella since not only do you get to see all the couples from each of the books, but you also get a lot of sexy times.

I really enjoyed the fact that unlike other novellas which feature multiple couples, My Sinful Valentine devotes numerous chapters to each of the couples. We even get a little sneak peak for Callum’s story, which I’m really excited for.

My Sinful Valentine is out on February 18th, 2021.

I want to thank author Elena M. Reyes and Enticing Journey Book Promotions, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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