The Duplicate Bride By Ginny Baird

Just for one day…for all the right reasons…

This stand alone romance by author Ginny Braid is a clean romance based on a mix of marriage-of-convenience trope and twin-switch trope.

The Duplicate Bride is a story about Hope Webb who due to strange circumstances ends up taking her twin sister, Jackie’s place on her wedding weekend.

It was only supposed to be for one day, but Hope tells her sister that she will not pretend to be her even for one day as they are no longer little kids, and a wedding weekend is no place to be pulling this kind of shenanigan.

However things are out of control when Hope finally arrives at her sister’s in-laws’ place she somehow ends up pretending to be her sister after all. When she notices that even her sister’s fiance, Brent doesn’t realize that she is not the same women who he proposed to, it finally dawns on her that Jackie has stupidly agreed to a marriage of convenience.

But of course now that she has taken her sister’s place, she can’t just tell the truth, even to Brent, as it would ruin Jackie’s wedding and what was only supposed to be a day, turns into another, and another, eventually becoming a whole week. The lies keep piling up and in the end, she knows she’s going to end up with a broken heart because Hope has fallen in love with her sister’s husband.

I knew what I was getting myself into when I requested this book for review on NetGalley, and I started reading this with a very open mind. But while I usually love a marriage of convenience or a twin swap trope – which is why I choose to request this book in the first place, Hope’s actions to me were just plain cruel.

I can forgive her initial deception of Brent and his family since she really thought she was doing the right thing, and in doing so helping her sister’s marriage, but the longer the deception carried on, the harder it became to forgive Hope and Jackie’s actions as anything but purposefully cruel.

Here Brent is falling in love with his fiance, thinking they can turn their marriage from a marriage of convenience into a real marriage with all the works, but it never occurs to Hope to clue Brent in to the truth. Especially considering the fact that Hope (pretending to be Jackie) is the one who conveniences him to change the dynamic of their relationship from one of convenience to one of real love.

Jackie was a character I just did not like from the start, she had in my opinion no business getting married. Seriously who asks someone else to take their place at their own wedding week? I mean just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. The fact that she prioritizes someone else’s wedding over her own is a dead giveaway to the fact the she had changed her mind about marrying Brent. But instead of telling like an adult, she starts playing games with him, and his family, hoping that by the wedding day she will want to marry him.

The whole story just felt wrong to me, until the last two chapters when everything suddenly gets resolved and they live happily ever after. It was too rushed in opinion. Maybe if the truth had come out a little earlier in the book, and the resolution didn’t feel so rushed, I might have enjoyed this book.

I want to thank Entangled Publishing and Net Galley, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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