Her Wicked Marquess By Lisa Torquay

“I have not a death-wish to enter your glitteringly useless world

The fourth book in the Imperious Lords Series, is the first book I have ever read from author Lisa Torquay. Going in I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this book or this author. Having read this thought, I have to say I am very pleased.

Her Wicked Marquess is the story about Hester Green, a smart, strong women, and a very successful London theater actress. and Drake Aldridge, the Marquess of Worcester, the handsome member of nobility.

Though she has no financial need to take up with a man as his mistress, the Marquess’ endless pursuit is one that Hester simply could not ignore.

Their relationship is one of companionship, adoration and mutual respect. She has always understood that her relationship with Drake is one with a time limit, and was content to remain he mistress until he tired of their relationship. However, hearing the rumors that he is courting another women, Hester decides that if Drake will not end things between them, then she will be the one to do so, as she has no wish to carry on with an already attached man.

I really admire Hester’s sense of independence, self-respect, and her being realistic. She went into this relationship because she wanted to, and more than anything else I love that she didn’t start the relationship because of unrealistic expectations of “bettering her status”. In fact the whole time she was the one being realistic about their circumstances and wasn’t willing to sacrifice being her self for him or the relationship.

Drake was also such a great character because his journey into realizing that he loves Hester wasn’t instantaneous. the author took her time but also did not uselessly delay either. This wasn’t a “I’m in love with you but since I cannot marry you, I’ll make you my mistress” story, because in the beginning Drake pursued Hester because of her beauty, talent and intelligence.

Its only after the supposed courtship debacle, that he realizes he loves her enough to ensure his peers accept her in his life and as his wife. Because for either of them to give up being themselves, would only eventually bring them both misery, I appreciated that the author actually showed us how the two found peace in their relationship, how they managed to be themselves, together.

The only thing I wish the author had done better was to make the epilogue longer, as there were some elements which I wish had had more build up. However that did not take away from my experience of the rest of the book. As a whole, I really enjoyed reading this book, and am looking forward to reading more from Lisa Torquay.

I want to thank author Lisa Torquay, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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