Holiday Hookup by S.A.Clayton

“Did you wear this to drive me fucking insane? because that’s what you’re doing

This is the first book by S.A.Clayton that I have ever read. Its a short instalove, holiday novella. Dane and Nellie are so sweet with each other and throw Jaxon into the mix and I practically had a toothache.

Dane Thompson is in a rut. He’s at the height of his career as the lead singer of Blanked Edge. Unfortunately the music has stopped coming to him and everyday trying and failing to write a new song for a new album, is making him even more depressed. He desperately needs a break.

Fortunately break comes in the shape of a cute, single mother, Nellie who is trying really hard to not mess up being a mom.

This is a very short and fast paced novel. Dane and Nellie meet, three weeks later they are living in close proximity and attraction is hard to deny. Just when everything is going great for the two of them, trouble comes when Dane’s former band mate forces Dane to write one more album.

It creates tension between the couple. Of course for Nellie dependability is everything – after all its not just her heart at stake here. As a mom, she has a beautiful five year old to think about as well. Can Dane prove he is in for the long haul?

Unfortunately I did not have any strong feelings about this book. While there wasn’t anything particularly bad or wrong about this book, there was nothing that stood out to me either. The steam was as steamy, and the conflict seemed unnecessary – honestly I did not understand why Dane felt the need to hide anything from Nellie.

I want to thank author S.A. Clayton and Enticing Promotions, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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