To Fall For A Duke By Christmas by Sadie Bosque

“We shall never be well off, but I promise you, by the time our daughter makes her debut I shall be able to afford her a dowry”

Debut novel To Fall For A Duke By Christmas by author Sadie Bosque, is the perfect reads if you are in the mood for a quick romance.

To spite his former love, David decides to court the least suitable miss of the house party, an enchanting Irish commoner Niamh. Its all an act, he wouldn’t actually marry a commoner. Would he?

A penniless Irish commoner living among polite society is unlikely to find a suitor. But Niamh is desperate to get away from her uncle’s house and back to Ireland.

Niamh finds herself at crossroads wanting to go back to Ireland, and to her independence but also wanting to stay with David, and possibly finding love and a happily ever after, but how much stock can she really put into a fake courtship?

I really enjoyed this book. I concept was amazing, and the story very well written and felt accurately portrayed. David who inherits the title of Duke of Somerset is in need of a bride. in fact not just a bride, but a heiress who can easily maneuver the ton, help him restore his estates and manage his household efficiently. By all accounts Niamh is unfit for the position. which is exactly why he chooses to court her.

Niamh however is a very smart women and unlike the other ladies of the ton who would be delighted to have a Duke court them, questions why David would ever choose to her court. Her forthright demeanor starts a very unlikely friendship of sorts between the two and although they don’t know it yet, an even more unlikely romance.

Even though this is a very short novella, the length of the story did not in any way detract from the character development. We really get to connect with both the characters and understood what made them the way they are today and the reasoning behind their every action.  

I especially loved that the ending was realistic, and that there were no magical disappearance of all the troubles plaguing both Niamh and David.

This is a very short feel good romance, and absolutely perfect for those looking for a quick read. One thing I did not particularly enjoy was the the book itself did not have anything to really do with Christmas even though the title said “By Christmas” and the author definitely could have used a lot more Christmas elements in the story.

That said, I did enjoy the story and I will definitely be follow this author and am looking forward to reading a full length novel from her soon.

I want to thank author Sadie Bosque, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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