Lets Talk Book Boyfriends

Do you know what’s the best thing about reading romance, well aside from the cheesy romance stuff. Book Boyfriends!

Fictional men that make real man look disappointing. Book boyfriends come is all shapes, sizes, and attitudes.

They can be sweet and caring, shy and nerdy, or bossy and possessive. I honestly don’t even know what makes these fictional men so attractive, but a good book boyfriend makes the book fun to read and keeps the reader interested.

I read a lot of romance, so I have a lot of fictional boyfriends, too many to count honestly. But today I want to share with you my all time favorite book boyfriends.

Alex, Lord Brooke is a surly, brooding man. It makes sense that he is perpetually wearing a dark look, since his wife left for no apparent reason, and even though he is still in love with her, she refuses to even be in the same room as him.

We first meet Alex in the 2nd book of Golden Angle’s Domestic Discipline series, and I was immediately hooked on Alex’s story, wanting to know why his wife left him, what he plans on doing about it and I could not wait for the last book in the series.

And Alex, definitely did not disappoint. He is the kind of hero who showed us that actions truly do mean more than words. If you want to know what I mean, you will have to read the story and find out. I am sure that like he did for me, Alex, Lord Brooke, will become one of your favorite book boyfriend (or book husband).

Ryan Kingston, better known as King, is the ultimate good boy. The only drink he drinks is milk, he wears preppy clothes, and has impeccable manners. He would also be a giant nerd, if it wasn’t for the fact that he is a professional hockey player.

He’s chivalrous and respectful of women, but get him naked and he is the dirty talking bad boy. You know the saying ” a lady in the street but a freak in the bed”? Well Ryan is that but the male version.

Going through an identity crisis would destroy the strongest man in the world, but Ryan even handles that like a champ. There’s literally nothing you could throw at him that would faze him. Seriously, there is just too much to love about this man and nothing to hate (in my opinion).

Branson, Knight, is a billionaire but that has nothing to do with why the man in one of my most favorite book boyfriends. He’s earned his place on this list, because he doesn’t let anything stop him from living life.

Even being blind, the man can do everything that all other men can do, and most likely would be able to do it better than those with sight. He’s build an empire, and donates to charity, he’s physically active and independent despite his handicap.

I mean the man round-house kicked another person just based on sound!

The drive to live life to the fullest is a quality to be admired. Branson Kinght is a daredevil and a charming and caring partner. For those of you who like a their book boyfriends to be “exciting”, I definitely recommend you read Branson’s story

Tristan Miles, the handsome, billionaire who’s got everything going for him. You may wonder, Alaia, why is he on your list, there’s nothing special about him? Well my dear friends, Tristan is on this list because he is handsome, rich (duh) and he goes after what he wants.

Most romantic hero’s shy away from love, and usually the heroin comes and forces them to realize that love is a possibility, but when he meets Claire, he already knows she’s special, and he goes after what he wants.

I love a man who is open to love and the vulnerability that comes with loving someone.

He never gives up on Claire or her brood, even at times when she had clearly given up on them, he keeps pushing, hoping to get them to their Happy Ever After. and you know what? What Tristan Miles wants, Tristan Miles gets.

Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent is a rake. The worst kind of rake in fact as he stoops to kidnapping a lady. But as we read his story and get to know him, we realize that he is just a man misunderstood.

He is bored, has no purpose in life and a manipulative personality which he has never had a chance to explore in a proper avenue and so he does stupid things. Marrying a shy wallflower gives him a purpose in life. Finally he has in his life someone that makes him want to be better.

The transformation from rake to devoted husband is amazing, and one that should not be missed.

He works hard to become someone that his wife and child will be proud to call theirs’ and although he changes a lot of his wicked ways to suite to being a married man now, in the bedroom he is still a devil. Seriously who does love reformed rakes? There’s a reason why so many historical romances are based on rakishly wicked heroes.

Well those are just a few of my favorite book boyfriends, comment if you agree with my list and share with me some of your book boyfriends. because when it comes to fictional men, you can never have too many, am I right?

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