Properly Spanked? Or Properly Spanked Legacy?

Do you ever wonder what happens after the Happily Ever After? Because I do, which is why short epilogues are so disappointing because you learn so much about the characters through out the story, about how they get together, it’s really a shame that authors don’t go even a little bit in depth as to what happens after they got married.

Author Annabel Joseph’s Properly Spanked series was one in which all the characters are featured into each other’s books.

So even after the book ends, after the epilogue, you are still able to check in on the couple from the previous books to see how they are doing. And now she’s come out with a spin-off series Properly Spanked Legacy, which features the children of the characters from Properly Spanked series.

The first book in the Properly Spanked Legacy series follows the story of the Marquess of Wescott, son of the Duke of Arlington from Under the Duke’s Hand, the fourth book in the Properly Spanked series.

Basically starting from where the original series left off.

While so far there are only two books in the legacy series, I felt that the first book in the legacy series, Rival Desires was not as angst-y as Under the Duke’s Hand, which was bursting with emotion. The book Rival Desires, I felt like did not live up to its predecessor.

The second book in the legacy series, by comparison was a lot better of a read for me. Lord Townsend’s story followed a lot more closely to his parents’ story. We even got to see the rest of the family remembers of the Townsend family for an extended period of the book. Whereas the Arlington parents only made a very shirt appearance in the book.

Still, I’m looking forward to reading the other two upcoming books in the legacy series, because the legacy series has a lot more steamy times right from the start, which is always the best part of a romance novel.

If you’ve read the books, let me know your thoughts!

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