A Substitute Wife for the Prizefighter By Alice Coldbreath

“Tell me you wanted me all along

A Victorian romance that’s not centered around a Duke or an Earl. You may not believe it but in all the years since I’ve been reading romance novels, I had not read a single historical romance novel that wasn’t centered around a couple from the higher part of the society.

I have a lot Dukes, Earls and Heiresses in repertoire. But I’ve never read a historical romance where at least one of the charters wasn’t rich or from high society. So I was very surprised when I stumbled upon this book about prizefighters also known as professional boxers.

I have to say I was very surprised to read about a prize fighter sitting in polite company.

In addition to the excitement of reading a new sub-genre, I was also intrigued with the story line right from the start. Author Alice Coldbreath captures your attention by creating mutual animosity between the main characters right from the start.

There are a lot of reasons why I feel in love with Benedict Toomes, the prizefighter, but one major reason is that he is an excellent communicator. Seriously the man does not let things lie, does not simply believe in the word “fine”. He is always initiating conversation, making sure that he and his wife are both on the same page and that there are no misunderstandings.

After having read so many books where the hero and heroin get separated and go through so much strife due a lack of communication, Benedict Toomes was a balm to my soul.

The story truly is about Benedict and Lizzy and although there are some amazing and hilarious supporting characters, Coldbreath has written the story in such an amazing way that the supporting characters don’t overshadow the main characters. The supporting characters support the hero, heroine and help the plot progress but Benedict and Lizzy are always at the forefront of the readers’ mind.

I honestly fell in love with Benedict and Lizzy, and I think I have a new favorite book boyfriend.

Have you read this book or any others by this author? If you have, let me know what you thought and which book should I try next.

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