For Lucy By Jewel E. Ann

“It only takes one good reason to keep going. To live. To feel necessary. Lucy is my one.

Trigger warning! Cheating, Death, Loss , and Grief.

This is only my second book by Jewel E Ann and it is as amazing as the first book I ever read from her.

For Lucy is an equal part heartbreaking and equal part heartwarming, powerful story.

This is a really strong and well written second chance story. The story is well written and the pace is easy to follow. I also feel that anyone reading this book is able to feel every single emotion the author is trying to convey.

I will admit this book took me a lot longer to get through then most of my usual reads, but that’s only because I kept on stopping to cry.

As I’ve never been married or divorced, I can’t say that I understand what people who have been divorced go through and most of the times when reading a second-chance romance book, its very easy to be able to think to myself “I would never do that”.

However to me the way this book was written, I actually understood how Emmett and Tatum felt. That’s not to say I agreed with it, but I could understand the reasoning behind most of the events taking place in the book. As an objective person, we may never understand why someone in love makes the decisions that they do, but Love is Love and it is flawed just as human beings are.

In the end I was so glad to have finished the book, because even with all the angst I truly did love this love story.

I want to thank Valentine PR and author Jewel E. Ann for, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

Buy It Here:

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