Brighton By Carmel Rhodes

Age-gap romances Yay or Nay? Maybe its the fact that for the hero things didn’t work out the first time and wants to try his hardest to make it work, or some cases the fact that young men these days don’t know how to treat a lady properly, I honestly don’t know the reason, but age-gap romances are a huge “Yay” for me.

The Brighton series includes two standalone sexy AF books Cherry Bomb and Midnight Kiss, all about age-gap. Even though both are about older men and younger women, both set in the same place, and about friends, they are two very different books.

Cherry is a beautiful, outgoing young women, who is trying to put her self destructive ways behind her, whereas Emma is a very reserved and shy girl. The girls’ friendship itself is very interesting to watch since they don’t really have much in common, when it comes to personalities or their backgrounds.

Somehow they both end up in relationships with men much older then themselves, but there is something to be said about older men who want to be better for their women, using their past relationship experiences in order to make their new relationship a happily-ever-after one.

While these books are about the romances between the main characters of each book, I think the best part about a series if watching the interactions between all the characters. Not just the hero and heroin, but all the heros and heroins in the series. I absolutely love the fact that the author has introduced all the characters in the first book, even Emma and Logan who are the main characters of the second book in the series. Doing this allows the reader to already become invested in the story of the secondary characters. As we watch the interaction between Emma and Logan in the first book, the readers start to anticipate the second book, so they can see how the secondary character’s story will go.

Recently the author has announced a third book in the series, even though we don’t have full date yet, I am so excited to read it. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, you should right away so that we can read the third book together as soon as its published.

And if you’ve read Cherry Bomb or Midnight Kiss already, comment below and tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like about the book(s).

Buy Cherry Bomb Here


Buy Midnight Kiss Here


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