2020 Recap

I honestly still cannot believe that 2020 is over. I seriously still sometimes write the date as 2020 instead of 2021 (does anybody still do that as well?).

At the start of 2020 I was reading a book per day, I thought I was going to be able to continue reading a book per day throughout the year. But unfortunately as the year progressed, I fell behind in my goal 😔

Still I had some great reads in 2020. I rated these as 5 stars on Goodreads, but to be honest they were off the charts good. Lets do a recap of the year 2020.

Anything But Easy By Susie Tate

The Viscount Who Loved Me By Julia Quinn

Truly By Carmerl Rhodes

Corrupt By Elena M. Reyes

Her Wicked Marquess By Lisa Torquay

The Takeover By T. L. Swan

I enjoyed these books so much, they were the highlight on my year. Its hard to even try to rank these in order they were all so amazing. Have you read of these or plan to read these? Leave a comment below.

10 Most Anticipated Reads for 2021

Hello my friends, Happy New Year to you all! I hope despite the current circumstances, you all had a wonderful New Years. 2020 was a tough year for all of us, but here’s to hoping that 2021 will be a lot nice to all of us.

Speaking of 2021, did you do anything fun/exciting to celebrate ringing in the New Year? I figured that since there was to be no in person New Years celebrations this year (we have been in lock down Dec 26th 😢), I might as well turn in early.

Today I want to share with you my 10 most anticipated books for 2021. I was originally supposed to have this post up for before Jan 01st, but I’ve been a little lazy (not a good start to the year, I know 😅). So without further ado, let me count down my most anticipated reads for 2021 in no particular order:

Romance, Person Of Color, Contemporary

Accidentally Engaged By Farah Heron. Reena Manji doesn’t love her single status, or her family inserting themselves into every detail of her life. Nadim, her father’s employee is not like the other Muslim bachelors-du-jour that her parents have dug up. They agrees to fake an engagement so they can enter a couples video cooking contest to win the artisan bread course of her dreams.

As a Muslim myself, I’m looking froward to see if Heron does justice to the Muslim population and culture.

Romance, Contemporary, Second Chance

Love At First by Kate Clayborn. Sixteen years ago, a teenage Will Sterling saw–or rather, heard–the girl of his dreams. Standing beneath an apartment building balcony, he shared a perfect moment with a lovely, warm-voiced stranger. Now an unexpected inheritance has brought Will back to that same address, where he encounters a woman, two balconies above, who’s uncannily familiar…

This sounds like such a cute story, a second chance, star crossed lovers story. I am so excited to see a teenage crush come to fruition in adulthood.

Romance, Contemporary, Single Parent

A Co-Worker’s Crush by Piper Rayne. Nothing good comes from dating my co-workers. Usually, I don’t have much self-control. So, the fact that Frankie Grant is a hot, talented tattoo artist who hasn’t already been in my bed is a miracle. But nothing can happen between us because Frankie comes with Jolie, her young daughter. I know what it’s like not to have parents, so things get complicated when Jolie asks me to be her daddy.

Best thing about single-parent romance? The children! I love cute little kids who help find their parent the Mr or Mrs Right.

Romance, Contemporary, Enemies to Lover

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle. Maybell Parrish, a dreamer, and hopeless romantic prefers living with her head in the clouds to dealing with the wild world of dating apps or getting her coworkers to show her a little respect. When Maybell uncovers something unexpectedly sweet beneath Wesley the grouchy grounds keeper’s scowls and silences, she realizes they might have more in common than she ever dreamed.

I’ve heard such great things about You Deserve Each Other so I have pretty good feeling about this one.

Romance, Historical, Erotic

A Season for Treason by Golden Angel. A lifetime of being overlooked should ensure Miss Mary Wilson access to all of the gossip her assignment (to uncover a treasonous plot) will require. There’s just one problem: Mary is due to find a husband this Season. Focused on finding the perfect bride this Season, the Marquess of Hartford, finds himself distracted by the quiet Miss Wilson as she continually turns up everywhere she shouldn’t be.

I really loved her Domestic Discipline series, so I’m sure this one will be great.

Romance, Historical

Someday My Duke Will Come by Christina Britton. Lady Clara Ashford’s world changed fifteen years ago at the hands of a rogue who took her innocence. Determined never to give into temptation again, she settles into a life as caregiver for her family. Quincy Nesbitt enlists Lady Clara’s help, in order to avoid marriage. But as they pretend to be engaged for the ton, Quincy finds himself falling for real. Now, he just has to convince Lady Clara to take a chance on him.

Spinster-turned-Duchess, is a class historical romance trope and so fun to read.

Romance, Historical

Accidentally Engaged By Farah Heron. After escaping from the English soldiers who attacked her home Lady Elysande de Valance is grateful for the rugged Scots who are escorting her to safety in the Highlands. Even with danger dogging their every step, she hadn’t expected to welcome the strong comforting embrace of their leader, Rory Buchanan. They say he’s a healer, but she finds the heat of his touch does so much more..

Lynsay Sands is one of my favorite authors, anything by her is automatically on my TBR.

Romance, Contemporary

Too Good To Be Real By Melonie Johnson. A writer for a popular website, love becomes the last thing on Julia’s mind when impeding layoffs threaten her job. As she searches for the ultimate pitch to impress her boss, she stumbles upon a resort offering guests a chance to live out their romantic comedy dreams. Real life dating is so bleak, who wouldn’t want to spend a week in a fantasy rom-com world with your best friends?

I’ve never read this kind of book before, excited to see what happens.

Romance, Historical

A Lady’s Formula For Love By Elizabeth Everett. Lady Violet Hughes is keeping secrets. First, she founded a clandestine sanctuary for England’s most brilliant female scientists, and her feelings for protection officer Arthur Kneland. Solitary and reserved, Arthur learned the hard way to put duty first. But the more time he spends in the company of Violet the more his best intentions go up in flames. Literally.

I think this book is literally on every romance reader’s TBR, everything about it sounds amazing.

Romance, Contemporary

It Happened One Summer By Tessa Bailey. When too much champagne and an out-of-control rooftop party lands Piper Bellinger in the slammer, her stepfather cuts her off, and sends her to learn some responsibility running a dive bar.
She hasn’t even been in Westport for five minutes when she meets Brendan, who thinks she won’t last a week outside of Beverly Hills. She’s determined to show her stepfather—and the hot, grumpy local—that she’s more than a pretty face.

Do I even need to say why this is on TBR? I mean it’s Tessa Bailey.

So that’s my 10 most anticipated reads for 2021. Are there any books that you are looking forward to this year? Leave a comment and give me your most anticipated reads.

To Fall For A Duke By Christmas by Sadie Bosque

“We shall never be well off, but I promise you, by the time our daughter makes her debut I shall be able to afford her a dowry”

Debut novel To Fall For A Duke By Christmas by author Sadie Bosque, is the perfect reads if you are in the mood for a quick romance.

To spite his former love, David decides to court the least suitable miss of the house party, an enchanting Irish commoner Niamh. Its all an act, he wouldn’t actually marry a commoner. Would he?

A penniless Irish commoner living among polite society is unlikely to find a suitor. But Niamh is desperate to get away from her uncle’s house and back to Ireland.

Niamh finds herself at crossroads wanting to go back to Ireland, and to her independence but also wanting to stay with David, and possibly finding love and a happily ever after, but how much stock can she really put into a fake courtship?

I really enjoyed this book. I concept was amazing, and the story very well written and felt accurately portrayed. David who inherits the title of Duke of Somerset is in need of a bride. in fact not just a bride, but a heiress who can easily maneuver the ton, help him restore his estates and manage his household efficiently. By all accounts Niamh is unfit for the position. which is exactly why he chooses to court her.

Niamh however is a very smart women and unlike the other ladies of the ton who would be delighted to have a Duke court them, questions why David would ever choose to her court. Her forthright demeanor starts a very unlikely friendship of sorts between the two and although they don’t know it yet, an even more unlikely romance.

Even though this is a very short novella, the length of the story did not in any way detract from the character development. We really get to connect with both the characters and understood what made them the way they are today and the reasoning behind their every action.  

I especially loved that the ending was realistic, and that there were no magical disappearance of all the troubles plaguing both Niamh and David.

This is a very short feel good romance, and absolutely perfect for those looking for a quick read. One thing I did not particularly enjoy was the the book itself did not have anything to really do with Christmas even though the title said “By Christmas” and the author definitely could have used a lot more Christmas elements in the story.

That said, I did enjoy the story and I will definitely be follow this author and am looking forward to reading a full length novel from her soon.

I want to thank author Sadie Bosque, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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Holiday Hookup by S.A.Clayton

“Did you wear this to drive me fucking insane? because that’s what you’re doing

This is the first book by S.A.Clayton that I have ever read. Its a short instalove, holiday novella. Dane and Nellie are so sweet with each other and throw Jaxon into the mix and I practically had a toothache.

Dane Thompson is in a rut. He’s at the height of his career as the lead singer of Blanked Edge. Unfortunately the music has stopped coming to him and everyday trying and failing to write a new song for a new album, is making him even more depressed. He desperately needs a break.

Fortunately break comes in the shape of a cute, single mother, Nellie who is trying really hard to not mess up being a mom.

This is a very short and fast paced novel. Dane and Nellie meet, three weeks later they are living in close proximity and attraction is hard to deny. Just when everything is going great for the two of them, trouble comes when Dane’s former band mate forces Dane to write one more album.

It creates tension between the couple. Of course for Nellie dependability is everything – after all its not just her heart at stake here. As a mom, she has a beautiful five year old to think about as well. Can Dane prove he is in for the long haul?

Unfortunately I did not have any strong feelings about this book. While there wasn’t anything particularly bad or wrong about this book, there was nothing that stood out to me either. The steam was as steamy, and the conflict seemed unnecessary – honestly I did not understand why Dane felt the need to hide anything from Nellie.

I want to thank author S.A. Clayton and Enticing Promotions, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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Her Wicked Marquess By Lisa Torquay

“I have not a death-wish to enter your glitteringly useless world

The fourth book in the Imperious Lords Series, is the first book I have ever read from author Lisa Torquay. Going in I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this book or this author. Having read this thought, I have to say I am very pleased.

Her Wicked Marquess is the story about Hester Green, a smart, strong women, and a very successful London theater actress. and Drake Aldridge, the Marquess of Worcester, the handsome member of nobility.

Though she has no financial need to take up with a man as his mistress, the Marquess’ endless pursuit is one that Hester simply could not ignore.

Their relationship is one of companionship, adoration and mutual respect. She has always understood that her relationship with Drake is one with a time limit, and was content to remain he mistress until he tired of their relationship. However, hearing the rumors that he is courting another women, Hester decides that if Drake will not end things between them, then she will be the one to do so, as she has no wish to carry on with an already attached man.

I really admire Hester’s sense of independence, self-respect, and her being realistic. She went into this relationship because she wanted to, and more than anything else I love that she didn’t start the relationship because of unrealistic expectations of “bettering her status”. In fact the whole time she was the one being realistic about their circumstances and wasn’t willing to sacrifice being her self for him or the relationship.

Drake was also such a great character because his journey into realizing that he loves Hester wasn’t instantaneous. the author took her time but also did not uselessly delay either. This wasn’t a “I’m in love with you but since I cannot marry you, I’ll make you my mistress” story, because in the beginning Drake pursued Hester because of her beauty, talent and intelligence.

Its only after the supposed courtship debacle, that he realizes he loves her enough to ensure his peers accept her in his life and as his wife. Because for either of them to give up being themselves, would only eventually bring them both misery, I appreciated that the author actually showed us how the two found peace in their relationship, how they managed to be themselves, together.

The only thing I wish the author had done better was to make the epilogue longer, as there were some elements which I wish had had more build up. However that did not take away from my experience of the rest of the book. As a whole, I really enjoyed reading this book, and am looking forward to reading more from Lisa Torquay.

I want to thank author Lisa Torquay, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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Yours By Elena M. Reyes

“Say the word and I’ll kill them all. Lay their corpses at your feet

The fourth book in the Beautiful Sinner series by author Elena M. Reyes is packed with love, lust, crime and betryal.

This book features not only a strong alpha male, but also a strong alpha female. Yours is the story about Javier Lucas and Mariah Asher, who we first saw in Sin – the first book in the Beautiful Sinner series. At that time Javi and Mariah were already a couple, so this book steps back in time to show us how the two meet and become one.

Javier Lucas is a high player in the Colombian mafia, being the cousin to Alejandro Lucas, the leader of the Colombian mafia. He has no need to work for anyone else, however on a gut feeling he decides to take a a job working in another country.

Its here, that he meets Mariah Asher, the feisty, curvaceous beauty who we first met in Sin. Mariah is a strong independent women who has been burned before, so the walls around her heart are well built. However the Javier’s patience and determination are no match for any women, even Mariah. She’s not some wish-washy, damsel in distress who needs a man to fix things for her. If you cross her, she will shoot first and ask questions later.

Meeting Mariah, Javier finally knows why his gut was leading him to Chicago. Is it any wonder he finds himself signing on to be the right hand man to the devil?

He’s a cold-blooded killer and yet the perfect boyfriend – sweet, caring, determined, and loving. She may be a women, but don’t make the mistake of thinking her soft. She can be just as dark as him and together they are a force to be reckoned with.

I love this crazy, unpredictable couple. With each other they can be their true selves. As Mariah said best “In not being afraid to be who we are, we become stronger.”

I want to thank author Elena M. Reyes and Enticing Journey Book Promotions, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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The Duplicate Bride By Ginny Baird

Just for one day…for all the right reasons…

This stand alone romance by author Ginny Braid is a clean romance based on a mix of marriage-of-convenience trope and twin-switch trope.

The Duplicate Bride is a story about Hope Webb who due to strange circumstances ends up taking her twin sister, Jackie’s place on her wedding weekend.

It was only supposed to be for one day, but Hope tells her sister that she will not pretend to be her even for one day as they are no longer little kids, and a wedding weekend is no place to be pulling this kind of shenanigan.

However things are out of control when Hope finally arrives at her sister’s in-laws’ place she somehow ends up pretending to be her sister after all. When she notices that even her sister’s fiance, Brent doesn’t realize that she is not the same women who he proposed to, it finally dawns on her that Jackie has stupidly agreed to a marriage of convenience.

But of course now that she has taken her sister’s place, she can’t just tell the truth, even to Brent, as it would ruin Jackie’s wedding and what was only supposed to be a day, turns into another, and another, eventually becoming a whole week. The lies keep piling up and in the end, she knows she’s going to end up with a broken heart because Hope has fallen in love with her sister’s husband.

I knew what I was getting myself into when I requested this book for review on NetGalley, and I started reading this with a very open mind. But while I usually love a marriage of convenience or a twin swap trope – which is why I choose to request this book in the first place, Hope’s actions to me were just plain cruel.

I can forgive her initial deception of Brent and his family since she really thought she was doing the right thing, and in doing so helping her sister’s marriage, but the longer the deception carried on, the harder it became to forgive Hope and Jackie’s actions as anything but purposefully cruel.

Here Brent is falling in love with his fiance, thinking they can turn their marriage from a marriage of convenience into a real marriage with all the works, but it never occurs to Hope to clue Brent in to the truth. Especially considering the fact that Hope (pretending to be Jackie) is the one who conveniences him to change the dynamic of their relationship from one of convenience to one of real love.

Jackie was a character I just did not like from the start, she had in my opinion no business getting married. Seriously who asks someone else to take their place at their own wedding week? I mean just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. The fact that she prioritizes someone else’s wedding over her own is a dead giveaway to the fact the she had changed her mind about marrying Brent. But instead of telling like an adult, she starts playing games with him, and his family, hoping that by the wedding day she will want to marry him.

The whole story just felt wrong to me, until the last two chapters when everything suddenly gets resolved and they live happily ever after. It was too rushed in opinion. Maybe if the truth had come out a little earlier in the book, and the resolution didn’t feel so rushed, I might have enjoyed this book.

I want to thank Entangled Publishing and Net Galley, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

But It Here:

Love Her Or Lose Her By Tessa Bailey

“I’ll do anything you ask me to do” he said in a gravelly voice. “Except walk away”

The second book the Hot & Hammered series by author Tessa Bailey is an absolute smash, featuring Tessa Bailey’s legendary dirty talk, with a mix of steamy and sweet romance.

Love Her Or Lose Her is the story about two high school sweethearts who actually made it happen. Through graduation through long distance, these two have stuck with each other, their love still burning strong.

But while love is important, communication is even more important in a relationship.

In this relationship, Rosie is the first one to realize that the open communication they had as kids, is no more. That their relationship has become purely physical. She wants to be honest about her needs with Dominic but she doesn’t know how to go back to the time where she could share anything with her best friend. She’s so tired of the life they’ve started living that she just wants out now.

Dominic is a man who’d rather show his wife how much he loves her than say it. In his mind, the fact that he does his best to provide for her every need, is proof of how in sync he his with her needs. So it comes as surprise when his wife asks him for a divorce.

But he’s a man who has been in love with his wife since the day he meet her, and he’s willing to do literally anything to show her they can be again what they once used to be. Even go to a kooky marriage counselor, something he knows Rosie doesn’t expect him to agree to.

I love second-chance romances because it shows that if a relationship means something to you, you will try anything to save it. To have what was once good. I loved watching Dominic and Rosie fight for their marriage, realizing that even though they were both separately trying to do things which they thought was going to make the other person happier, it was actually harming them both and their relationship.

In the end, they realized that you should never hid from your partner what you are feeling, or what you need from them. Because honest communication is always the key to any relationship.

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Corrupt By Elena M. Reyes

“There’s nothing more decadent than making the sweet and innocent…Hungrily corrupt

Love, vengeance, steamy sexy times, and a get-what-he-wants-alpha hero, all packed into this one lovely novel by author Elena M. Reyes.

Corrupt is a full length spin off from the Beautiful Sinner Series. Its a steamy mafia romance, a modern day Romeo and Juliet love story but with a happy ending.

Alejandro Lucas is a man hell bent on getting revenge and will stop at nothing to get his vengeance on the man who ruined his family’s life.

Before he became the kingpin of the Colombian mafia, he was just your average man, your next door neighbor. Then one day he woke up and his life had taken a turn for the absolute worse. Now a man determined to destroy the people responsible for ruining his family’s lives, he’s a harsh man, not afraid to put a bullet in the heads of those who defy him.

He’s exactly the kind of madly obsessed alpha that I love. Who falls in love at first sight. When it turns out that the only woman to make his frozen heart beat again is the daughter of his sworn enemy, he wows to make her HIS.

Solimar Quintero is the daughter of the man who ruined Alejandro’s peaceful life. She’s a women who has made peace with the fact that she is a pawn in her father’s game. She knows she has no choice but to live the life he has dictated for her, if she chooses to rebel, there will be dire consequences. She doesn’t know it yet but she is the future Mrs. Alejandro, because what Alejandro wants, Alejandro gets. 

Initially I had a hard time connecting with Solimar as she was just too passive for my liking. She didn’t stand up for herself as her cousin and her friends openly disrespected her, which I was not a fan off. Slowly however, as the story progressed I started to love her just as much as I already loved Alejandro. 

Compared to the original series on which this book is a spinoff, Corrupt is a bit slower paced, but as the story progressed I really got into in and I just could not put it down. 

I want to thank author Elena M. Reyes and Enticing Journey Book Promotions, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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