Love Her Or Lose Her By Tessa Bailey

“I’ll do anything you ask me to do” he said in a gravelly voice. “Except walk away”

The second book the Hot & Hammered series by author Tessa Bailey is an absolute smash, featuring Tessa Bailey’s legendary dirty talk, with a mix of steamy and sweet romance.

Love Her Or Lose Her is the story about two high school sweethearts who actually made it happen. Through graduation through long distance, these two have stuck with each other, their love still burning strong.

But while love is important, communication is even more important in a relationship.

In this relationship, Rosie is the first one to realize that the open communication they had as kids, is no more. That their relationship has become purely physical. She wants to be honest about her needs with Dominic but she doesn’t know how to go back to the time where she could share anything with her best friend. She’s so tired of the life they’ve started living that she just wants out now.

Dominic is a man who’d rather show his wife how much he loves her than say it. In his mind, the fact that he does his best to provide for her every need, is proof of how in sync he his with her needs. So it comes as surprise when his wife asks him for a divorce.

But he’s a man who has been in love with his wife since the day he meet her, and he’s willing to do literally anything to show her they can be again what they once used to be. Even go to a kooky marriage counselor, something he knows Rosie doesn’t expect him to agree to.

I love second-chance romances because it shows that if a relationship means something to you, you will try anything to save it. To have what was once good. I loved watching Dominic and Rosie fight for their marriage, realizing that even though they were both separately trying to do things which they thought was going to make the other person happier, it was actually harming them both and their relationship.

In the end, they realized that you should never hid from your partner what you are feeling, or what you need from them. Because honest communication is always the key to any relationship.

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Corrupt By Elena M. Reyes

“There’s nothing more decadent than making the sweet and innocent…Hungrily corrupt

Love, vengeance, steamy sexy times, and a get-what-he-wants-alpha hero, all packed into this one lovely novel by author Elena M. Reyes.

Corrupt is a full length spin off from the Beautiful Sinner Series. Its a steamy mafia romance, a modern day Romeo and Juliet love story but with a happy ending.

Alejandro Lucas is a man hell bent on getting revenge and will stop at nothing to get his vengeance on the man who ruined his family’s life.

Before he became the kingpin of the Colombian mafia, he was just your average man, your next door neighbor. Then one day he woke up and his life had taken a turn for the absolute worse. Now a man determined to destroy the people responsible for ruining his family’s lives, he’s a harsh man, not afraid to put a bullet in the heads of those who defy him.

He’s exactly the kind of madly obsessed alpha that I love. Who falls in love at first sight. When it turns out that the only woman to make his frozen heart beat again is the daughter of his sworn enemy, he wows to make her HIS.

Solimar Quintero is the daughter of the man who ruined Alejandro’s peaceful life. She’s a women who has made peace with the fact that she is a pawn in her father’s game. She knows she has no choice but to live the life he has dictated for her, if she chooses to rebel, there will be dire consequences. She doesn’t know it yet but she is the future Mrs. Alejandro, because what Alejandro wants, Alejandro gets. 

Initially I had a hard time connecting with Solimar as she was just too passive for my liking. She didn’t stand up for herself as her cousin and her friends openly disrespected her, which I was not a fan off. Slowly however, as the story progressed I started to love her just as much as I already loved Alejandro. 

Compared to the original series on which this book is a spinoff, Corrupt is a bit slower paced, but as the story progressed I really got into in and I just could not put it down. 

I want to thank author Elena M. Reyes and Enticing Journey Book Promotions, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.

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