A Substitute Wife for the Prizefighter By Alice Coldbreath

A Victorian romance that’s not centered around a Duke or an Earl. You may not believe it but in all the years since I’ve been reading romance novels, I had not read a single historical romance novel that wasn’t centered around a couple from the higher part of the society. I have a lot Dukes,Continue reading “A Substitute Wife for the Prizefighter By Alice Coldbreath”

Properly Spanked? Or Properly Spanked Legacy?

Do you ever wonder what happens after the Happily Ever After? Because I do, which is why short epilogues are so disappointing because you learn so much about the characters through out the story, about how they get together, it’s really a shame that authors don’t go even a little bit in depth as toContinue reading “Properly Spanked? Or Properly Spanked Legacy?”

Lets Talk Book Boyfriends

Do you know what’s the best thing about reading romance, well aside from the cheesy romance stuff. Book Boyfriends! Fictional men that make real man look disappointing. Book boyfriends come is all shapes, sizes, and attitudes. They can be sweet and caring, shy and nerdy, or bossy and possessive. I honestly don’t even know whatContinue reading “Lets Talk Book Boyfriends”

To Fall For A Duke By Christmas by Sadie Bosque

Debut novel To Fall For A Duke By Christmas by author Sadie Bosque, is the perfect reads if you are in the mood for a quick romance. To spite his former love, David decides to court the least suitable miss of the house party, an enchanting Irish commoner Niamh. Its all an act, he wouldn’tContinue reading “To Fall For A Duke By Christmas by Sadie Bosque”

Her Wicked Marquess By Lisa Torquay

The fourth book in the Imperious Lords Series, is the first book I have ever read from author Lisa Torquay. Going in I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this book or this author. Having read this thought, I have to say I am very pleased. Her Wicked Marquess is the story aboutContinue reading “Her Wicked Marquess By Lisa Torquay”